Saturday, December 26, 2009



We recently produced audiovisual and entertainment elements for a tremendously successful corporate conference at one of the major convention hotels in Las Vegas. This was one of of the more innovative and engaging shows we've done this year, primarily because of the creative use of entertainment throughout the show. After two days of general sessions and educational breakouts, the entire group came together for a final review of the meeting content. The audience had a chance to show their prowess in a fast-paced game show format loosely patterned after a Hollywood Squares format. The company's execs acted as "panelists", while "contestants" were selected at random from the audience. Questions covering the conference material were thrown out to the VIP panelists, and contestants had an opportunity to "agree or disagree" with the answers. The game was a highly effective way for the audience to review key information shared in the previous sessions. And it was BIG FUN for everyone! Give us a call if you'd like to learn how this game - or others - can be tailored to your meeting needs!

The above photo is a shot of the stage just before the session. The game involves 9 panelists at specially built colorful LED or Flat screen monitor desks, with contestants and the host standing at lecterns that house much of the electronics for the game operation.

"Rockaraoke" combines the high energy impact of a live rock band with the diversity and audience participation of karaoke. This event was so successful it had to be extended by an hour to accommodate everyone who wanted to be a star for the night. It was a huge hit!

Many of the guests even came prepared with wigs and costumes to complete their performances!

The final dinner featured and elegant dinner with amazing hand-made chocolate centerpieces. It was stunning!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Miracles DO happen!


In our business, miracles happen every day. In fact, they are expected. However, its nice to get some feedback from clients who appreciate the extra effort required to make their events successful. This is an excerpt from a "thank-you" note from one of our clients today. Approximately 75 minutes before a major automotive corporate marketing event was to happen in a tent outside the client's national headquarters, the plan had to change due to inclement weather. They called one of our producers, Bert Hensley, to save the day. Here's the note...

"Hi Bert – just want to THANK YOU and your team again for helping us at the last minute today with the stage/risers. It was an amazing performance and demonstration of your customer-focused approach to your work. Not only did you deliver within an incredibly short time frame, you took the time to be on site and make sure that all went well."

Congratulations to Bert, Chris, and the GMP scenic team for making another Christmas miracle come true.

Yes, Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus!