Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Brentwood Star Gala

Saturday evening, Brentwood/Cool Spring's premier social event of the year, the Star Gala, took place at the Embassy Suites in Cool Springs. The theme of the night was "An Evening at the Acropolis" complete with Greek themed props and food.

Gary Musick Productions own, Brandon Scott Thomas, was the scenic producer for the Star Gala. Kudos to all the crew for a great show and a lot of hard work!
Here are some pictures from the event--

 Gary Musick Producer, Brandon Scott Thomas with wife, Sheryl and John and Melissa Lowry

One of our artists painted the Gala logo onto the header "An Evening at the Acropolis"

Brandon and Sheryl Thomas

It was a lovely evening. Thanks to Anna, Tressia, Connie and all those at the Brentwood Cool Springs Chamber of Commerce for asking us to be a part of this event. Thanks to all the Gary Musick Productions scenic crew and others for your hard work!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


The financial services industry has experienced incredibly challenging times over the past few years. One of our clients, First Tennessee Bank, has successfully returned to profitability in just two short years. FTB is an outstanding bank and is known for offering remarkable customer service. GMP is a customer of First Tennessee, and I can attest to the outstanding service we receive every day. The bank has found a way to reward its top employees who helped achieve a return to profitability through a recognition program called the "Horizon Awards". Over the past 3 weeks, the bank's top sales performers were honored at 5 Horizon Awards dinner events in the bank's key market areas across Tennessee. Our GMP team staged the production and decor for all five events, including audiovisuals, room decor, draping, centerpieces, linens and seating. All five events were identical in design and execution. This "road show" approach helped the client manage costs and control the quality of the events while offering an outstanding recognition experience to their top performers.

Here's what Connie Washburn, First Tennessee's event planner, had to say about the programs...

I can’t thank you and your staff enough for everything. It’s always such a pleasure working with you guys. Everything you do is top notch and you make it fun along the way. Your professionalism and expertise in every element of the event planning is why I come back year after year. I’ve said it so many times but it’s so true – I wouldn’t even want to think about doing an event without you. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the d├ęcor and the event itself and I know that’s because of you and your team. We’ll have to get together soon to review everything and possibly lay the ground work for next year’s event. I’m already getting lots of calls and emails from a very excited sales force."

Thanks to Connie Washburn and First Tennessee for continuing to include us as partners in their recognition events. Their program is a model for maintaining employee morale and encouraging sales performance through special - yet affordable - recognition events.

Here are some shots from the Johnson City, Knoxville, and Memphis events...